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Founded in 1996, the European New Car Assessment Programme was established in an effort to provide an easy-to-understand system for measuring the safety of cars by subjecting them to a range of simulated crashes and scoring the damage accordingly.

Of course, this highlighted the poor performance of several manufacturers at the time and led to an overall increase in the safety of production cars as various companies strived to attain a five-star rating for their new vehicle.

Today, the results of a Euro NCAP safety test is one of the greatest selling points for cars, especially those used by motorists with families. In this blog, we’re going to look at the safest cars on the road today.

2020 Seat Leon


This fantastic five door hatchback is a great car to keep your occupants safe, scoring a 92% protection rating for adults, and an 88% protection rating for children. Not only is this car safe, but it can manage between 46-51mpg on a regular trip and it’s a bit of a looker too. Other great accessories include a large digital instrument panel and, multi-zone aircon and multiple USB ports.


2019 VW Golf


With a brand-new facelift, the new VW Golf has been receiving praise from every corner of the globe. Having been in production for forty years now, its no surprise that the golf is practically faultless from a design and construction perspective,and offers a protection rating of 95% for adults and 89% for children. With its legendary hot-hatch history, this is one of the best versions in years.


2019 Suburu Forester


Suburus are known for their phenomenal build quality and reliability and the 2019 Forester is no exception. Shockingly good off-road, the Forester scored a rating of 97% for adults, and 91% for children. While it is better equipped than previous version, the newer model is slightly less fun to drive than before – but when it comes to safety and performance, there are few better cars on the road.

2019 Tesla Model 3


When the Tesla Model S was originally tested in 2012, it gained notoriety for being so strong that it broke one of the testing machines. Thankfully, things have continued in that fashion with the 2019 iteration of the Model 3. Scoring 96% for adult protection and 86% for children, the car has been noted for its chassis strength and helpful collision detection systems.

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA


The latest CLA from Mercedes raised many eyebrows for its swept-back design and fantastic interior options and a comfortable drive. However, it also scored extremely well in the Euro NCAP tests, scoring 96% and 91% respectively for adults and children. Luckily, MB are known for their excellent build quality and safety record, and that is reflected in The Sunday Times voting the CLS to be the safest small family car produced in 2019.

2018 Volvo XC40


This small off-roader comes with a certain expectation of build quality given the brand who designed and manufactured it. Volvo have long been known as the ‘tanks’ of the road, and the XC40 doesn’t disappoint with its 97% protection score for adults and 87% protection score for children. Fitted with loads of active safety systems and the inclusion of a hybrid engine, it’s little surprise that the XC40 was voted Autoexpress’ the award for Small Premium SUV of the Year in their 2018 New Car Awards.

2017 Kia Stinger


Surprisingly, one of the best cars to emerge in 2017 came from the Korean manufacturer Kia. Their uber-fast Stinger is both functional and a joy to drive – while also boasting fantastic looks. In the Euro NCAP tests it scored 93% for adults, and 81% for children, while also offering a range of safety systems including autonomous braking, lane keep assist and blind spot detection.

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