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Key Rings


There’s no better way to remind your customers of the services your business provides by offering a personalised key ring that they can carry with them throughout the day.

At Myers Motor Merchandise, we are happy to provide a range of promotional car key fobs at extremely competitive prices. From personalised leather key rings, to resin key fobs and promotional leather-loop key rings, we have a variety of designs that are sure to suit every taste.

Designed to last, these premium personalised key rings and fobs for both car garages and the motor trade can be inscribed with both the logo and contact details for your brand, providing your clients with a lasting reminder of the fantastic service that your company offers.

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  • Brushed & Satin Stainless Steel Car Key Rings

    Brushed & Satin Stainless Steel Car Key Rings

    Ensuring your customers carry your company logo around in their pocket all day is an excellent way of guaranteeing that they never forget you, nor the service you provide.

    Thanks to these personalised leather key rings Myers Motor Merchandise, you can provide your clients with an inexpensive reminder of who they can trust in the motor trade, with the ability to etch your logo directly onto the brushed and satin stainless-steel badge.


  • Faux Leather Key Rings

    Faux Leather Key Rings

    Our faux leather key fobs are perfect if you are on a tight budget. They can be fully personalised just like our genuine leather key rings, with options of resin coating and printing on the leather.

  • Leather Loop Key Ring

    Leather Loop Key Ring


    The style of key fob, or key ring that a person uses is usually an entirely subjective decision. For some, a hard-shell case looks the part – others, however, may prefer something a little more subtle. And that’s why here at Myer’s Motor Accessories, we’re proud to add this promotional branded leather loop key fob for those who prefer something a little bit more distinct.

    These leather loop key rings are available in two styles – modern or classic. Both are expertly stitched using genuine leather, and depending on which style you choose, we can supply these personalised key rings complete with your company name, logo and contact details on either the leather itself, or laser-etched onto the metal connection – allowing your customers to carry around a reminder of your brand all day.

  • Prestige Spinning Car Key Rings

    Prestige Spinning Car Key Rings

    Why not treat your loyal customers to a high quality prestige spinning car key ring. These are perfect for those spending a little more than average on their vehicles and they even come with their own box!

  • Resin-Coated Genuine Leather Key Ring

    Resin-Coated Genuine Leather Key Ring

    A quality personalised genuine leather key fob remains with your customer as a constant reminder of the dealership that looks after their car.