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Trolley Coins


It can be very irratating to get to the supermarket, only to realise that you don’t have any spare change for the trolleys, forcing you to withdraw cash, and have it converted back to coins just so you can go shopping.

Often, people will use branded trolley coins to avoid carrying around change in their pockets – so why not make sure that they use a personalised trolley coin from you?

Carrying a personalised and branded trolley coin for use in these situations can make life so much easier for your clients, and as everyone needs to buy food, they will undoubtedly keep a complimentary branded trolley token close to hand for many years to come.

Designed with high-grade, resilient materials, our personalised branded trolley coins are a great way to treat your customers to a genuinely useful, cost-effective gift to remind them of the great work you provided.

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  • Trolley Coin Keyring

    Trolley Coin Keyring

    Give your customers a token of your thanks with our promotional trolley coins!
    Circular metal ‘£1’ that clips on to a metal keyring and can be used in the supermarket trolleys or gym lockers. These are a very handy and practical item that is sure to be used over and over again.
  • Wishbone Trolley Coins

    Wishbone Trolley Coins

    These Wishbone Trolley Coins are an essential item with an executive look!
    Available in a shiny chrome metal that has a detachable coin that is handy to use in replace of the pound coin in a gym locker or supermarket trolley.
    Such a handy and practical item that you can be sure your customers will appreciate and reuse over and over again.