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Finding a promotional item that is genuinely useful but doesn’t cost the earth isn’t the easiest task. That’s why it’s important never to underestimate the power of a personalised car air freshener to remind your customers why their vehicle always smells fantastic.

Thanks to their ability to provide a long-lasting car scent, personalised air fresheners are a fantastic way to market your brand. No matter whether you decide to use a branded personalised spray bottle filled with alluring scents, or simply decide to use traditional hanging personalised air fresheners that can be customised into a range of shapes, colours and size – we’ve got you covered.

Our personalised car air fresheners are completely customisable, with the option to feature your company name, logo and contact details. So why not take a look at our range of personalised car air freshener products and feel free to contact us if you would like any further information or samples providing our fantastic range of branded car air fresheners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a personalised car air freshener last for?

Kept in their high quality barrier film packaging, our air fresheners will retain their fragrance for years, if stored correctly.

Do these personalised air fresheners have an over powering smell?

No, they release the smell slowly.

Can I ask for a specific scent of personalised air fresheners?

Yes, your car air freshener can be fragranced from a selection of approximately 20 high quality, tried and tested fragrances.

Why do you not have bulk quotes on your website freely available?

 Every order is very different so we quote individually to give you the best quote.