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Locking Wheel Nut Bag

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  • Locking Wheel Nut Key Bags

    Locking Wheel Nut Key Bags

    The Locking Wheel Nut Key Bag is one of Myers Motor Merchandise’ signature products. and we are proud to be the Home of the Locking Wheel Nut Key Bag.
    A lost locking wheel nut key has been a massive issue in the industry for years, resulting in expensive costs along the line (replacing the locking wheel nut key) and many dissatisfied customers.
    A unique way in which dealerships are overcoming this problem is by having a brightly coloured bag designed with their company name and logo. They are then distributed on customer handover of new or used cars as well as servicing, thus eliminating customer dissatisfaction and expensive costs!
    Our Locking Wheel Nut Key Bags also make the perfect service handover gift for your customers.