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Sweets and Mints


The tradition of keeping a tin of nibbles in the car for snacking can never be under-estimated. For many drivers, finding a selection of refreshing sweets or mints in the glove box to help cleanse the palate is a cause for celebration – so why not bring some joy into your client’s lives with one of our fantastic branded confectionary products?

At Myers Motor Merchandise, we offer a great range of personalised sweets and mints for the motor trade in a selection of presentation styles. From mixed fruit tins and flow-wrapped mints, to mint cards and hinged tins, we’re sure you’ll find a style to suit your customer base.

These promotional sweets and mints are made from the highest-quality ingredients, and once the tins are printed with your company name, logo and contact details, you can provide your clients with an irresistibly tasty way to remember your brand.

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  • Credit Card Mints

    Credit Card Mints

    Our promotional Credit Card Mints are one of our most popular low cost sweet based items, great at events or for everyday service customers or general giveaways.

    Our printed Promotional Mint Cards can be personalised in spot colours or with a full colour logo on both sides and measure approx approx 90 x 48 mm.


  • Flow-Wrapped Mint Imperials

    Flow-Wrapped Mint Imperials

    Our individually flow wrapped mint imperials are very popular with dealerships & garages as they are a simple but yet effective promotional tool that can be left in a bowl in the reception for customers to enjoy as they please!

  • Hinged-Rectangle Mint Tins (23g)

    Hinged-Rectangle Mint Tins (23g)

    Our promotional hinged mint tins are a very sleek and attractive personalised mint tin filled with approximately 23g of round sugared mints (sugar free is also available).
    These handy pocket sized tins are printed with your logo and will still be used long after the mints have been eaten. The sweet taste of success is certainly within reach with this widely appealing product that is suitable for almost all clients.
  • Promotional Mint Tins (40g)

    Promotional Mint Tins (40g)

    Small enough to fit in your pocket, these delicious mint tins will help promote your business even when your car customer is on the move!
    This miniature alternative to sweet tins has just a 60mm diameter allowing it, and your brand, to fit perfectly inside your customer’s pocket.
  • Promotional Travel Sweets – 200g

    Promotional Travel Sweets – 200g

    If you grew up in the UK and one of your parents’ jobs included a lot of driving – it’s more than likely that you’ll remember seeing one of these tins in their car when you were young.

    Why? Well to put it simply, it’s a British institution.