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The term “future classic” is something of an oxymoron:  the definition of a classic car refers to a vehicle 20 years older or more – while the search for a future classic car involves speculation over what that might look like two more decades down the road. Thankfully, the process doesn’t involve mere guesswork; there are a few guidelines that can show you the way to a style of car with staying power.

If owning classic car key rings is more within budget than purchasing the actual vehicles, predicting a future classic car can be a fun and (more) affordable way to invest in something that could pay off in future – and, who knows – perhaps you’re driving one already.

What Makes a Future Classic …. A Future Classic?

Some unlikely current classics – like the original time machine the DMC Delorean – rose to fame not with flying circuits attached to its wheels, but on the wings of pop culture (incidentally you can get “Outtatime” key rings, too – no substitute for those gull-wing doors, but still pretty sweet).

But – since waiting for someone to make a film featuring your car is a somewhat risky venture – it’s probably best to try another tactic. In absence of an actual time machine, we can travel back to the past to see what gave current classics their investment value.

Outside of novelty, or car tax exemption (classic cars can be veteran, vintage, post vintage or classic, depending on their age). There are a number of qualities that can turn seemingly ordinary motors into some of the best cars to invest in today.

Attractive design is often a key feature (this can range from “timeless” to “quirky and original”. Limited edition or rare models are also a good pick – while cutting-edge technology (for its time) is also an excellent indicator.

For a selection of future motoring stars that didn’t make the big time in Hollywood (but which might make you a little extra cash) – read on.


The Sporty “Starter”

The 1989 Mazda MX-5 NA/Mk1 is a great little number. Often considered by aficionados as a “starter classic” featuring a 1,598cc in-line four cylinder motor that could – and can still- take you from 0-62mph in  8.7 seconds.


The Quirky One


The new 2019 Suzuki Jimny has an aerodynamic-defying boxiness putting it squarely in the category of novel without being too silly. It’s cute, compact and covetable – with a simple, robust structure and a devoted fanbase securing its place as one of the cuter future classics. Also, given that sales in Europe have since ceased due to the Jimny failing to meet emissions standards, many experts believe it is likely to become quite a rarity.


The Future Rare Find


For something a bit closer to present-day, we have Toyota’s recent offering, the GRMN Yaris. It’s limited edition – so much so that all 200 units are currently reserved- all the more reason to keep your eye on it.


The One with Post-Cutting Edge Technology


Believe it or not – the first hybrid car to be produced was in 1898, when Dr Ferdinand Porsche developed and built the first petrol-electric hybrid – the Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid – but the most easily recognisable today has to be the Toyota Prius.  Having celebrated it’s 21st birthday in 2019, it could now feasibly be classed as a classic car – but only just. It’s not the prettiest car in the world – but it’s place in motoring history makes it a great conversation piece.


The French Ones


If your style is a little less “Vorsprung Durch Teknik” and a little more “je ne sais quoi” two family hatchbacks spring to mind. The first is the Renault Clio Sport V6 255, dubbed by Evo magazine “the world’s smallest supercar”. It boasts excellent grip – and not at the expense of speed and agility. The formerly ubiquitous Peugeot 206 is the understated future classic with quintessential Gallic charm that won so many drivers over during the 2000s, winning as many style points as boy-racer credentials.


Of course, this is merely scratching the surface of what’s out there: with a little imagination and forward-thinking, you could be making a big investment with your next car purchase – so whether it’s form, function, originality or combination of all three, keep an eye out for your very own future classic.

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