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  • Brushed & Satin Stainless Steel Car Key Rings

    Brushed & Satin Stainless Steel Car Key Rings


    Personalised car keys rings are a fantastic, long-lasting way to provide your customers with a gift that is genuinely useful. Available in a great selection of coloured leathers from black, blue, tan and many more, these personalised car keys fobs can be customised to fit your needs, and don’t forget, you can also have text printed on the accompanying leather including company name and contact details, you can be sure to find a design that suits your brand. Made from strong, thick leather our stainless steel key fobs are a great alternative to our resin coated key fobs.

    Ensuring your customers carry your company logo around in their pocket all day on a set of personalised car keys rings is an excellent way of guaranteeing that they never forget you, nor the service you provide. Thanks to these personalised leather key rings from Myers Motor Merchandise, you can provide your clients with an inexpensive reminder of who they can trust in the motor trade, with the ability to etch your logo directly onto the brushed and satin stainless-steel badge. A sample is also available upon request.

  • Car Air Freshener Spray (100ml)

    Car Air Freshener Spray (100ml)

    Our personalised air freshener bottles are an exciting new addition to the Myers product range! Who doesn’t love that fresh car smell?

    Not only are they a great gift to offer your customer after a service or sale of a car, but they also last 100 times longer than the standard paper air freshener. So you can be sure your customer will have your details in their car for months on end.

  • Car Air Fresheners

    Car Air Fresheners

    Add the finishing touch to a service of your customers car that will put you ahead of the competition with our personalised car air fresheners.

    The sweat scent of a customized air freshener is the perfect reminder of the fantastic service you and your company provided. This is one of your many tools of ensuring return custom. Our promotional air fresheners come in a wide variety of shape and fragrances, any shape you want we can do!

  • Car Document Wallet

    Car Document Wallet

    Our car document wallets are a great way to keep your customers paperwork safe and organised, and all in one place!

    Whether they are for a new car sold, or a car serviced they are the perfect give-away for your customers.

  • Car Reveal Covers

    Car Reveal Covers

    Our personalised Car Reveal Covers are made from a dense, non-transparent silky polyester satin material that flows smoothly over the car and help amplify anticipation for your new car launch or customer handover.



  • Credit Card Mints

    Credit Card Mints

    Our promotional Credit Card Mints are one of our most popular low cost sweet based items, great at events or for everyday service customers or general giveaways.

    Our printed Promotional Mint Cards can be personalised in spot colours or with a full colour logo on both sides and measure approx approx 90 x 48 mm.


  • Faux Leather Key Rings

    Faux Leather Key Rings

    Our faux leather key fobs are perfect if you are on a tight budget. They can be fully personalised just like our genuine leather key rings, with options of resin coating and printing on the leather.

  • Flow-Wrapped Mint Imperials

    Flow-Wrapped Mint Imperials

    Our individually flow wrapped mint imperials are very popular with dealerships & garages as they are a simple but yet effective promotional tool that can be left in a bowl in the reception for customers to enjoy as they please!