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  • Car Reveal Covers

    Car Reveal Covers

    Our personalised Car Reveal Covers are made from a dense, non-transparent silky polyester satin material that flows smoothly over the car and help amplify anticipation for your new car launch or customer handover.



  • Credit Card Mints

    Credit Card Mints

    Our promotional Credit Card Mints are one of our most popular low cost sweet based items, great at events or for everyday service customers or general giveaways.

    Our printed Promotional Mint Cards can be personalised in spot colours or with a full colour logo on both sides and measure approx approx 90 x 48 mm.


  • Faraday Bag – Signal Blocker

    Faraday Bag – Signal Blocker

    Gift your customers the piece of mind that their keys are secure at all times with our promotional Faraday Bags.

    Small enough to fit into your pocket, they are the perfect tool for your customers upon purchase of their new vehicle.


  • Flow-Wrapped Mint Imperials

    Flow-Wrapped Mint Imperials

    Our individually flow wrapped mint imperials are very popular with dealerships & garages as they are a simple but yet effective promotional tool that can be left in a bowl in the reception for customers to enjoy as they please!

  • Hinged-Rectangle Mint Tins (23g)

    Hinged-Rectangle Mint Tins (23g)

    Our promotional hinged mint tins are a very sleek and attractive personalised mint tin filled with approximately 23g of round sugared mints (sugar free is also available).
    These handy pocket sized tins are printed with your logo and will still be used long after the mints have been eaten. The sweet taste of success is certainly within reach with this widely appealing product that is suitable for almost all clients.
  • Ice Scraper

    Ice Scraper

    A winter necessity that your customers won’t take for granted.
    The personalised Ice scraper is a perfect winter essential and makes a great winter giveaway.
    Your clients will really appreciate this handy yet practical gift in the cold winter months, plus it is another great way for you to reinforce your brand while showing your customers how much you care!
  • Locking Wheel Nut Key Bags

    Locking Wheel Nut Key Bags

    The Locking Wheel Nut Key Bag is one of Myers Motor Merchandise’ signature products. and we are proud to be the Home of the Locking Wheel Nut Key Bag.
    A lost locking wheel nut key has been a massive issue in the industry for years, resulting in expensive costs along the line (replacing the locking wheel nut key) and many dissatisfied customers.
    A unique way in which dealerships are overcoming this problem is by having a brightly coloured bag designed with their company name and logo. They are then distributed on customer handover of new or used cars as well as servicing, thus eliminating customer dissatisfaction and expensive costs!
    Our Locking Wheel Nut Key Bags also make the perfect service handover gift for your customers.
  • MOT Reminder Sticker

    MOT Reminder Sticker

    As life continues to get ever-busier, many of us could be forgiven for not remembering the exact date of our next MOT – but thanks to these custom MOT reminder window stickers from Myers Motor Merchandise, your clients no longer have to worry.

  • Promotional Bottled Water

    Promotional Bottled Water

    Our promotional bottled water  is an ideal gift to give to your valued customers. Sourced from registered Organic land you can be sure our water is 100% natural spring water which contains one of the highest mineral contents of all the UK waters at 403mg/l… or in other words……………Very healthy water!