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We started out supplying branded key rings for the motor trade but we are now branching out and are now supplying business keyrings! We supply high quality business key rings to impress so no matter who your customer is, they will be impressed with our range of key rings.

And don’t forget, we not only stock these business keyrings as part of our branded merchandise offering, we also stock a range personalised keyrings specifically for car dealers, as well as a promotional golf brolly, branded Faraday bag, or a car document wallet.

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Business Keyrings Are Practical

Business keyrings are very practical, they are carried each and every day by your customers to gain access to their cars or buildings and therefore provide constant brand exposure for your business. This means your business can stay constantly connected to the client all day long.

Keyrings Are Hard Wearing

Promotional keyrings are highly durable and therefore provide prolonged brand exposure. Whether it be plastic keyrings or metal keyrings that you choose, we only stock hard wearing keywords that not only look great, but also last the test of time. Our plastic keyrings are better for those that are budget conscious, and our leather keyrings with metal are for those looking for a real high end finish.

So Much Choice Of Look & Feel

If you are going for high end business keyrings, or looking for something that fits within your budget, we have branded keyrings that will suit any budget and any look and feel.  Our range includes leather, faux leather and plastic with a huge variety of options in terms of how you want it to look, just simply get in touch and we will give you a free mock up design! We provide business keyrings to many businesses of different sizes and no matter what they have chosen, they are always happy with the result.

Business Keyrings Are Easy To Hand Out

If you happen to give out keys when a customer makes a purchase, this is an easy time to put one of your branded business keyrings on.  Alternatively you can offer out keyrings when customers buy certain products, or all your products – it just depends on what makes the most sense for your business.

Minimum Quantities

We provide a minimum quantity of 150 keyrings per order. This helps us to keep the price down for you.

Enquire Now About Your Business Keyrings

Contact us for your free mock up!  We are happy to create demos of how your business logo will look and include any other information you would like on the keyring such as a web address, phone number – whatever you require. We offer only the best in printed keyrings so rest assured we will come up with a high quality product that your customers will love. Call us on 0161 637 6732 now or fill out the contact form today for a fast response.