The Best Cars For A Family In 2021

Parenthood changes everything – including your choice of car. When life shifts gears, priorities tend to follow suit as questions concerning speed and aesthetics are replaced with other, more functional considerations like safety, economy and comfort. So – for all the parent drivers and parent drivers-to-be, here are the best cars for a family in 2021:  ideal for school runs, days in the sun – and wherever else family life might take you.

The One to Run About in


A solid all-rounder and a family favourite since 1998, the 2021 Ford Focus is light enough to manouvere with ease – while a sturdy platform offers increased safety in case of road accidents. It’s economical too; with a triple litre petrol engine and economy mode. The new-gen Focus has a built-in SIM to help you plan your journey, and some key checks, such as fuel, locking and location can be done using the app. It also features onboard infotainment in the form of a tablet for when the kids get restless on longer journeys.

The One with Room to Spare


The updated Volkswagan Passat Estate is the best car for a family needing flexibility. Like the Focus, the Passat Estate has been around for some time – over forty years to be exact. Available with a diesel, petrol or EVO engine, it also comes with optional DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control) for additional ease of handling, with on-board tech to help you park. Boot-size is ample, as is seating space – while flexible seat-folding makes this the ideal car for a family who needs plenty of options available.

The One that’s Ready for Adventure


If you’re lucky to live somewhere a bit more rural – or if you just love spending weekends in the great outdoors, a crossover is a great intermediary between an SUV and a hatchback – with lower seatbases suitable for transporting little ones. The Citroen Aircross Blue 100 HDi Feel is a (relatively) little car with a big name and an even bigger personality that dispels the idea that family cars should be bland and boring, with a colourful, chunky and fun exterior that belies soughtafter features: it’s roomy, secure (including lane departure warning and cruise control)  – with Grip and hill descent control to take you on slightly rockier terrain.

The One with Room to for One More


The decision on whether to buy an SUV is really up to the buyer – but in addition to relatively poor fuel economy sometimes they’re just too big for width restrictions, preventing other drivers from being able to overtake if required. It’s more affordable equivalent the MPV is easier to handle on the road, and often comes with sliding power doors to take the stress out of the school run. The Ford Galaxy  minimises running costs while maximising on space – making them good family cars for multiple siblings and their friends. It’s also a fairly quiet and smooth ride with a comfortable interior.  The infotainment options aren’t as glitzy as other models – but there’s always a good old game of eye-spy.

The One for Single Parents


Families come in all shapes and sizes, and for single parent families  the right kind of car can make all the difference. For parents on a budget, city cars are light and fuel-effcient enough to make the morning commute a breeze.  The Hyundai i10 1.2 MPi 84 SE Connect is deceptively roomy, great value for money and practical.  Up-front, it is a little pricer than other current favourites like the Volkswagen Up – but you get additional bang for your buck with strong resale values – just in case your priorities shift again.

It’s important to know what the key considerations are when finding the best family car UK dealerships have to offer – so here is a checklist to help you decide:

  1. A five-star safety rating and high performance in crash tests – and ask your dealer about any other features designed to keep you and your child safe, like airbags for both the sides and front of the vehicle.
  2. Enough space for storage – but also growing room if you think you’ll need it in future: what might suit you one year might not work as well further down the road,  when there’s an extra sibling, a dog and the weekly shop on board.
  3. Keep an eye out for modern features that  couldmake life a little easier, such as bluetooth connectivity to stay in touch safely, remote keyless entry for when you (quite literally) have your hands full – and a decent camera for those tricky parking situations.

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