The Benefits of Custom Made Keyrings for Car Dealers - Myers Motor Merchandise

Keyrings (or “keychains”, as they are sometimes known) were developed by Samuel Harrison in the 19th Century – but it wasn’t until the 1950s that they started to be used for promotional purposes. As the humble keyring shows, sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the most effective. For car dealers in particular they have been used as a promotional tool for many years.

Promotional keyrings were first used by car manufacturers – a marketing strategy that proved so successful that it continues to be used in businesses everywhere to this day as useful tokens to help increase brand awareness and visibility. This is a brief guide to the reasons behind the enduring appeal of the custom keyring – and how they could help you unlock the door to brand-new customers.

What are the Benefits of Using Custom Keyrings for Car Dealers?

For business owners as well as customers, the benefits of custom made keyrings are numerous. As a marketing tool, they are a simple and effective way to increase brand visibility and gain new customers while helping to secure brand loyalty with existing ones.


Keyrings are also an item that is likely to be seen by others, whether it’s being used or taken out of a bag or pocket. If it is a particularly interesting shape, colour – or if it has an especially eye catching logo, chances are it could pique the interest of the person seeing it – potentially leading to a conversation about your business.


The best promotional products are typically the most useful: certain everyday items that are used so often that we tend not to think about them – those unsung heroes that help to make life a little easier. For this reason, keyrings are a common and popular choice among customers for their universal appeal and ease of use. No-one likes to lose their keys – and by helping customers to keep track of theirs, your branded keyring also helps them to make a positive association with your business.


Keyrings come in many shapes, sizes and materials – and often come with logos either printed, embossed or engraved on them. There are a number of styles of keyring you can use depending on what your personal preferences are and what is within budget for your business. Here are a few examples:

Loop Keyrings

Loop keyrings tend to be composed of durable, flexible plastic, and while you may not be able to fit a logo onto them in a way that is clearly visible, they are useful for businesses seeking to promote themselves using text. Loop keyrings frequently incorporate the contact details of businesses onto them, making them an effective way to promote your dealership.


Novelty Keyrings

Novelty keyrings are nothing less than memorable, and they cover a broad variety of different designs and materials. A few examples of these might include fabric plush toys or three-dimensional plastic shapes – but they are nearly always themed according to the business they represent.

Depending on the brand identity associated with your business, you might not think novelty keyrings a suitable choice: but done well, they can be particularly effective: a miniature steering wheel has a sense of whimsy without being over the top, while a die-cast model car has a nostalgic feel.


Multipurpose Keyrings

If there’s one thing customers appreciate more than a free promotional product, it’s one they can use for a variety of purposes. Again, frequency of use is an important factor here: in addition to items directly related to motoring (such as ice scrapers, air fresheners and window stickers), mugs, umbrellas and branded sweets are also popular choices.



One of the benefits of custom made keyrings is that they come in an array of colours and materials. Plastic, leather and metal are all frequently used for their durability – and the higher quality the material, the longer the item is likely to last.
Leather and metal keyrings have a sophisticated feel to them, while plastic is especially versatile: many plastic keyrings incorporate photographs into them, making them useful for dealerships seeking a way to promote their brand logo clearly and effectively.



In choosing the materials used in promotional products, it’s important to remember that while buying in bulk can help to keep costs down, skimping on the materials used can reflect poorly on the company: few customers enjoy using a product that breaks, or one with a rapidly fading or illegible logo.
Keyrings tend to be used often – so the more durable the material, the better. At the more fragile end of the scale is glass, which is attractive – but not especially practical, given that keyrings tend to be kept either in pockets or bags where they could break easily. Better materials for use with house or car keys include metal, leather, or cheaper materials such as rubber or neoprene.



Many brands are now taking a more eco-conscious approach at all levels of their business, including marketing. Incorporating more sustainable materials into your promotional brands conveys a message of corporate responsibility and appeals to customers. Materials such as wood are both useful and tactile choices.


Unlocking New Business

Branded products offer a cost-effective, impactful way for car dealerships to leverage their brand using personalised products. To find out more about the wide range of branded merchandise we offer including custom keyrings, why not get in touch with our team today?