Promotional Golf Umbrella


Everyone uses corporate golf umbrellas if they want a complimentary way to protect themselves from the elements properly thanks to their sturdy, wind-resistant construction and classy aesthetics. However, a branded golf umbrella is also an excellent way to increase your company’s visibility among potential clients by functioning as a walking billboard whenever it rains – which in the UK, is a lot.

Like our rear window sticker, our promotional golf umbrella turns your customer into a walking advertisement.

Not only will your customer be elated to receive such a useful gift but with the finders keepers mentality of umbrellas, who knows where your advert may end up!

We’re sure that you’ve seen an umbrella with a logo before, and this is because they are an excellent, cost-effective way to marketing, while also providing your customer with a gift that they will find genuinely useful in day-to-day life.

This personalised golf umbrella measures 30 inches, with an automatic opening fibreglass shaft. The rain shield itself on our branded golf brolly is wind-resistant and includes a vented top to make it easier to hold.

Available in a range of colours schemes for the background and umbrella logo – including black and white, red and white, navy and white, green and white, green, red and royal blue – our promotional golf umbrella can have your company’s details printed visibly on the exterior.

Some of the brands we’re proud to work with:

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