Faraday Bag - Signal Blocking Pouch For Car Keys Security

Faraday Bag – Signal Blocker

While your customer’s cars are more advanced than ever thanks to new technologies such as keyless entry and keyless starting, so are the tactics used by criminals to steal it. That’s why a faraday bag for car keys is what you need.

Remote car keys transmit data, and this data can be intercepted by thieves and used to gain entry to your client’s cars – but you can help your customers to stop worrying by providing them with a Faraday bag for car keys.

A Faraday bag is a signal blocking pouch for your car keys, preventing any information from being transmitted or received by the fob itself.

Made with resilient leather, our Faraday pouch works in the same way as a Faraday Cage and is a cost-effective way of putting a smile on a customer’s face, while also keeping their car safe. Every Faraday bag and can be detailed and personalised on the front with a logo and company name.

Unfortunately we do not offer singles.

Some of the brands we’re proud to work with:

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