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Promotional Duster


Having a promotional dust cloth in the car is more important that many people realise. Thanks to how often we use them, it’s unsurprising that dashboards and centre consoles will eventually gather dust – which isn’t a good look when giving other people a lift, so why not provide your customers with a personalised dust cloth inscribed with your company brand and logo.

Luckily, here at Myers we can supply branded dust cloths that you can gift to your customers as a small thank you for their business. And as these branded dusters are so useful, they’re very likely to keep them around for a long time, increasing the chances of gaining new custom from those who use it.

The personalised dusters themselves are yellow with red stitching but can be enhanced and customised by our talented design team to include your logo, company name and contact details in a single colour – but we are always happy to discuss your needs before moving forward.

A single promotional custom dust cloth measures approximately 40cm x 50cm, and a full order can be ready in as little as two weeks.



Unfortunately we do not offer singles.

Some of the brands we’re proud to work with:

Land Rover logo Audi logo
Bently logo Volvo logo