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Ad Bears

A cuddly reminder of the service you provided!
Our loveable Ad Bear is the perfect touch, surprising your customers with an unexpected gift that they will never forget. Whether they keep it in the car, or give it to their children it will serve as a constant reminder of the excellent service you provided...
Personalised De-Mister Pads

Personalised De-Mister Pads

The perfect winter accessory with your branding!
Our personalized de-mister pads make the perfect service handover gift. It’s a useful tool that will help your customer when they need it most, whilst simultaneously reinforcing your brand...

Personalised Duster

Help your customers keep their dash clean and remind them where to return to.
The personalized duster makes the perfect service handover gift. The duster is yet another tool in your arsenal to remind your customer where to purchase their next vehicle...
Personalised Mugs

Personalised Mugs

Service up a warm beverage with your company’s logo reinforcing your brand with every cuppa!
Our promotional Mugs are a useful personal item that continue to reinforce your brand in any office, desk, kitchen, home....the list goes on!...
Promotional Paper Bags

Promotional Paper Bags

Our promotional paper bags may be small in size but are huge on impact! Perfect to gift to your customers packed full of promotional products to show your customers how much you....

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