Promotional Teddy Bears


Who doesn’t like a free teddy? Even adults love a teddy bear. Not only are they adorable to look at, but many people keep them in their car as a decoration – so don’t miss an opportunity to treat them to a custom teddy bear once they finish using your service as a reminder?

Promotional teddy bears can work wonders for your business, as no-one has the heart to throw them in the bin. Many customers will even give it to their child as a gift, making it a part of the family for the future.

Or promotional teddies are 15cm in height and can be supplied in a mix of colours – white, ginger, beige or brown. They are also available in either a t-shirt or sash, either of which can be emblazoned with your company name and teddy bear logo. Of course we will always liaise with you to learn of your needs and wishes for your custom teddy bear prior to you placing an order, but once they are ordered they can be ready for delivery in as little as two weeks.

Some of the brands we’re proud to work with:

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