10 Reasons Why Custom Keyrings are Great for Promoting Your Brand

Custom keyrings have been used as promotional items for many years. The first instance of this was during the 1950s and 1960s, when improvements in plastic manufacturing techniques made it possible for businesses to put their names on promotional keyfobs for less than the cost of standard metal ones.

Since then, they have joined a range of brand merchandise items used to increase the brand awareness of companies such as mugs, pens and tee-shirts. Items like these are always needed, and as a result, always popular with customers. Here are some more reasons as to why you should be using keyrings to promote your brand.

1.  Cost effective

Custom key fobs, rings or chains are one of the more affordable ways to market your business – and moreover, purchasing them in bulk is even more cost effective, as this helps to lower the price even further.

That said, it’s important to weigh up cost and quality, as you want to ensure this is a desirable product, even if you are giving it away for free as a promotional item – the better quality your merchandise is, the more positively it will reflect on your company overall.

2.   Portable

They’re also small, light and easily portable, making them a great way to promote your business with minimal effort required, whenever you need to. Due to their portability, they are also easy to distribute: you can include them in gift baskets and transport them to corporate events and other places with business opportunities with ease.

3.  Conversation Starters

Handing out attractive promotional items at a corporate meeting or business fair can help add a little flair to your opening gambit, creating an immediate positive association with people you interact with. This also reflects positively on your business, and can help to ensure your brand name is memoised by those you interact with.

4.  Tokens Of Corporate Identity

Brand merchandise can be used to represent the culture and identity of your business in subtle ways. The design of your chosen fob might represent a product or service you supply – for example if you are in the automotive business, you might choose a novelty keyring in the shape of a steering wheel or a tyre.

5.  Long-lasting

In a crowded marketplace (both on and offline), it can be difficult to make yourself seen – or heard – above all the noise. Key chains have the unusual quality of being one of the oldest forms of advertising that is somehow able to compete with this – because every time your customer (or prospective customer) uses their keys, they will be reminded of your company.

6.  Easily Customisable

Custom key fobs are essentially blank slates – which means you can strategically place information about your business on them including contact information, if you wish. They also come in a range of designs and colours so that you can easily coordinate them with the rest of your branding.

7.  Choice of Materials

Customisation also includes choice of materials used to make the keyring. While acrylic and metal are two of the most popular options, leather, rubber, wood – and even faux fur are all favourites. The material you choose can also be reflective of your brand: for example if you run a business related to pet care, a fun faux fur mini plushie could be the perfect way to represent your brand.

8.  Choice of Styles

There are several different styles of keyring – and the one you choose can depend on a range of factors, such as the information you wish to include on them. If you are looking to include specific contact information, a loop keyring could be a great option.

Engraved key fobs can look sophisticated and cool – and also make great corporate gifts. You can also find printed photograph designs, custom ones made from metal or – if you prefer, more lightweight materials,  wood or soft vinyl.

9.  They Can Be Highly Collectible

Keyring collecting is known as Copoclephily, from the Greek “kope” – which means “handle” – and “kleis”, meaning key – and “phile” – translated as “attracted to.” Not only are there many avid copoclephilists out there, but there is also a chance that your keyring might well be added to someone’s collection.

10.  Additional Functions

You can make your custom keyring even more appealing by offering an additional in-built extra with it – and you can even make it relevant to your business: a soft drinks company selling their product in glass bottles might benefit from choosing bottle opener styles, for instance – while a cosmetics company might have one that doubles up as a mini compact mirror. The more ingenious, the better – and more to the point, they’ll be memorable, which means your brand will be, too.

To maximise your brand visibility when choosing your keychain, keep the design brand-consistent, but also look for a unique aspect as well to make your keyring stand out, such as unusual shapes or textures.  Other ways to make your keyring memorable include adding a humorous or  novelty factor – or alternatively, adding a built-in functionality such as a USB stick.

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